Michael Stummer
Michael Stummer


Michael Stummer was born in Chicago, Illinois where he developed a love for sports at a young age. His long and successful athletic career taught him dedication and persistence, which inspired him to join the workforce at the young age of 12. He began working as a caddy at the Bryn Mawr Country Club, working his way up to the valet at age 16. By the end of his 4 year career at the Club, Michael was the head valet with sole responsibility for scheduling and training a team of 10 valet attendants. Michael attributes his strong work ethic, communication skills, and professionalism to this early work experience.

Michael pursued post-secondary education at Northwestern University, receiving a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Classics in 1989. Throughout his undergrad, he returned to hi position at the country club and took up work as an intramural referee, paying 100% of his tuition. Michael continued his education at Loyola University, where he received a Masters of Business Administration, focusing on Finance and Financial Derivatives.

Upon graduation, Michael Stummer worked with various companies, occupying various roles. From financial, operational, and regulatory internal auditor, to managing mergers ad acquisitions. From 1997-2003, Michael was the Co-founder, trainer and CFO of Investscape and Electronic Trading Technologies, where he created, implemented, managed, and eventually sold a direct access trading company.

Currently, Michael is the Director of Finance and Strategy at Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Center, Inc. and the President of the Arlington High School Boosters. In this role he provides financial assistance to numerous sports organizations.

Though Michael has established an incredibly successful career, he names meeting his wife and starting a family as his greatest achievement in life.